What is Involved in an End of Lease Cleaning Service

In most cases yes. If tenants leave the property in a bad condition, their bond will most likely be the subject of deductions. The landlord or estate agent will hire professionals and bill renters for the cost.

Do end of lease cleaning services include oven cleaning?
Yes, a professional end of tenancy cleaning may come with oven cleaning. Cleaning kitchen appliances may not be part of the service.

Can the cleaning happen in the absence of tenants?
Yes, it can. All that tenancy cleaners need is somebody to let the cleaners in and later inspect their work and of course – make the payment. Upon request, the cleaning company may also offer key pick up and delivery.

Do tenants have to cover costs for parking, cleaning detergents and gear?
The usage of professional cleaning equipment is part of the service as well as the cost as is normally parking fees.

What tenants won’t get with a end of lease cleaning service?
The professional cleaning service does not include full cleaning of walls, washing the exterior of windows, nor minor repairs and replacements. Carpets are to be vacuumed, but if you want the carpets to be professional steam cleaned most companies will usually offer these at a preferential rate when combined with the end of lease clean.

Is end of lease cleaning charged by the hour or as a fixed rate?
There should not be a time span. Professional tenancy cleaners clean till it’s done. A thorough post lease cleanup can usually take anywhere from 5 to 10 hours of cleaning time, as should be based on a fixed rate method of payment.


What is Involved in an End of Lease Cleaning Service

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